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"The legal team was available for all questions. They gave concise and specific answers to my questions. I was kept abreast of all aspects of my case. My attorney was prepared throughout the court appearances."
People vs. K. Knoop | Gloversville, NY
"Very good, my attorney even got back to me when he was on vacation in New Orleans. I needed to talk to him when our court date was close, he was in Colorado, and he called me from the Denver airport to reassure."
People vs. D. Morier | Albany, NY
"Very very efficient in returning calls. Clarified any questions had. Worked out plea bargain for my DWI. No jail and no probation. Very pleased with result."
People vs. R. Moore | Albany, NY
"Always available or returned calls / emails in a timely manner. My team went above and beyond what was expected.  They were very personable and friendly and took the case personally."
People vs. L. Pilon | Pennellville, NY
"Did not have any issues with obtaining communication with the legal team. The legal team was prepared for court both court appearances.  My attorney was very professional before, during, and after the court appearances."
People vs. J. Shannon | Troy, NY
"It was quick, private and almost painless. I knew exactly what to expect. Appreciate the team. They put me at ease and i have full trust in their advice and guidance."
People vs. K. Moody | Carthage, NY
" I went into court confident with what was going to happen, what to expect and that helped to keep the anxiety of being in the court room to a minimum for me."
People vs. K. Cronise | Webster, NY
"I had many questions through out this situation.  All of my questions were answered in a timely manner.   I went into court confident with what was going to happen, what to expect and that helped to keep the anxiety of being in the court room to a minimum for me."
People vs. K. Yaw | Baltimore, MD
"I felt from the beginning, Chris and his team HEARD me. I felt confident they would do their best.  My team kept me informed and returned my calls in a reasonable amount of time. Much appreciated."
People vs. S. Richmond | Oneida, NY
"My team is great, I called often and she was always patient and kind. My attorney got back to me in a timely manner and made himself available to chat for hours at a time on multiple occasions.  I always felt very well informed, he was always very open and honest on what was happening when, and how he felt about the case as it progressed."
People vs. C. Jordan | Schenectady, NY
"My team communicated by e-mails as well as by phone. If I had any questions, they were always available to return my calls and e-mails in a short time. I also received snail mail keeping me posted with information regarding my case. They supplied me with written letters that detailed NY State laws, what I had to look forward to when making my decision when going to court."
People vs. D. Cornell | Norwich, NY
"Communication was excellent. I had no real problems contacting my attorneys."
People vs. K. Krumme | Clinton, NY
"Attorneys were able to get me a greater reduction than I had anticipated.  My attorney was always on top of everything regarding my case, he always kept me informed about upcoming court dates and information regarding my case."
People vs. F. Ceratt | Manlius, NY
"Normally communicated via email.  Any questions I had or information I wanted to relay was answered in a very timely manner.  The offer to call at any time was also given to me often.  I always knew the status of my case and when and what I needed to do. I am pleased with my representation by my legal team.  They made me feel as comfortable as possible with the given situation and I knew I could always contact them with any worries or concerns.  My attorney provided me with the steps I needed to accomplish the process of putting this incident behind me and getting on with my life."
People vs. D. Little | New Berlin, NY
"The paralegal assigned to my case is the best. She went above and beyond the call of duty. I rarely left her a voice mail, because she always answered the phone.  I would like to reiterate my previous kudos to Sarah. She made me feel comfortable with the disposition of my case, and kept in close contact with me regarding the final stages of my case. Thank you for all you do!"
People vs. E. Parkhurst | Syracuse, NY
"My attorney was very easy to communicate with and really made me feel more comfortable during the entire process. He was always on time and always was a positive influence during the process."
People vs. G. Vennel | Chicago, IL
"My attorney provided his personal cellular telephone number and was always available for questions or concerns.  Communication was excellent he either provided information immediately upon receiving it or the legal assistant contacted us by telephone or email. Our team was always prepared for court appearances.  Meetings were scheduled for strategy sessions and everyone was properly informed. Our legal team was compassionate and well educated in their field.  They always made me feel that my case was important and that my livelihood was valuable and my quality of life was important to them!"
People vs. K. Green | Mexico, NY
"Always available to answer my questions. Thank you for everything."
People vs. L. Valdez | Oneida, NY
"These ladies and gentleman were always available in a timely manner to discuss my case and address any/all concerns that I might have had."
People vs. R. Crandall | Ilion, NY
" My attorney was extremely helpful throughout the entire case and was never judgmental."
People vs. K. Dziuba | Rochester, NY
"Excellent communications , timely and consistent. Presented all the options, showed empathy towards the situation but remained professional and showed confidence.  Kept us informed throughout the process, provided required documentation and helped us navigate the courts requirements to meet the agreed upon plea.   Came to court prepared and professional, had all the information we would need to make informed decisions."
People vs. J. Mulone | Schenectady, NY
"Very easy to communicate with."
People vs. T. Moore | Cortland, NY
"I was really satisfied with my attorneys communication skills. He answered every question I had about my case and I could understand what he was telling me."
People vs. L. Bolton | Cobleskill, NY
"My attorney was amazing, he kept me informed and was able to communicate with me on a level I was able to understand.  He was also available if and when ever I had questions."
People vs. K. Minthorn | Oneida, NY
"Very good communication. Felt like I got honest answers."
People vs. D. Ranieri | Oswego, NY
"I was very impressed by the services offered. I would not hesitate in the future to hire them again or recommend them to a friend or family member thank you again for your help."
People vs. A. Torrillo | Baldwinsville, NY
"I would not hesitate to recommend Anelli Xavier to family, friends or even a total stranger. I would never want to see anyone in the position of needing them, but once you are there, they are the best bet for a satisfactory outcome!"
People vs. B. Buchanan | Whitesboro, NY
"Perfect, plea agreement and court proceedings were better than I had imagined or anticipated.   I do not plan on ever needing their services again, but I have told friends that if they find themselves in a situation such as mine to call Anelli Xavier."
People vs. H. Box | Oneida, NY
"I don't believe very many offices could have gotten me the plea deal that I was given."
People vs. C. Witzigman | Schenectady, NY
"I actually felt like your team was entirely on my side. Thank you."
People vs. R. Schumacher | Whitney Point, NY
"I would recommend them to my friends and family."
People vs. S. Fisher | Whitesboro, NY
"My attorney was great! I have already recommended him to friends if they ever need the help, to call him! He takes the time to really explain everything if you don't understand something. Has a calm way of talking to you that gives you a sence of relief in a time you really need it! When it comes to communication, he was available to call or text 24/7.  I don't have any complaints!"
People vs. S. Wager | Troy, NY
"If someone I knew had made the mistake that I did I would strongly encourage that they use them.  During this terrible time for me they were attentive and supportive."
People vs. P. Sorbello | Syracuse, NY
"From the moment I called I was reassured my case would be handled. Every court date, every question, every situation was answered with professionalism as I never would of expected. My legal team was amazing, always seeming to have the confidence of years of experience fighting DUI cases and the end result showed it. I never questioned my attorney's guidance or legal representation. I would and if the situation arises for a family member or friend, that they have the unfortunate life changing arrest of a DUI  without hesitation recommend your law firm."
People vs. M. Rizzo | Getzville, NY
"From the very first uncomfortable phone call from the police station to Anelli Xavier, to the the date of my trial. I could not be happier with my representation and my ultimate outcome."
People vs. E. Eichas| Brockport, NY
"My attorney was very well respected with the DA and the Judge. He got priority attention and made the rest of my court appearances tolerable for me."
People vs. S. Lockman | Vestal, NY
"My team was always available to talk to me, they always called me back within 24 hours. I believe my attorney is an expert in his profession. His knowledge of the law made it possible for me to continue my education, and kept my employment secure for me.  He kept my best interest in mind."
People vs. A. Castle | Syracuse, NY
"My team made everything as painless as possible."
People vs. D. Grossman | Rochester, NY
"My attorney always got back to me within a reasonable time, he did more in one month of representing me than my old lawyer did in 6 months."
People vs. K. Dominguez | Rochester, NY
"I was very pleased with everything, kept me contacted from day one, so that I would always know everything that was going on."
People vs. E. Buchalla | Cortland, NY
"It was great that we were able to communicate by email, phone calls, and texts. Everyone got back to me quickly with any questions that I had. Everything that I needed to do was laid out clearly- that was very helpful since there were many things I needed to keep track of and a complicated timeline in which to get them done. I appreciated having my attorney with me for every court appearance. It was great that he could go on my behalf when I was out of town. If god forbid this should happen to anyone I know, I would definitely recommend your firm."
People vs. Graby | Rochester NY
“My attorney beyond a doubt secured for me the best possible outcome. He was able to present my case to the District Attorney in such a discerning manner as to get my charge reduced to a DWAI, a mere traffic infraction! I am extremely grateful that in doing so, he was able to save me from a criminal record, jail time, probation, the list goes on! Thanks to him I was able to avoid these very serious consequences that would have had a hugely negative impact on my future.  I would recommend Anelli Xavier to anyone else unfortunate enough to find their self in the same predicament as I did. I believe that by choosing Anelli Xavier I gave myself the best chance of securing the least possible legal consequences, due to the fact that DWI law is the primary focus of the firm, thereby ensuring that all of the lawyers are well qualified and well experienced in handling every possible type of DWI case. I would have been gambling with my future had I gone with a different lawyer, and I will never know if I could have secured the same outcome. I am glad I didn't take that chance."
People vs. Joy E. | Winsted, CT
“My team presented my case in a compelling well-organized manner. They expertly refuted the DA’s claims against me; eventually getting the case dismissed on the bases of insufficient probable cause for the traffic stop.”
People vs. Dave P. | Henrietta, NY
“They were more than awesome, very informative and straight forward through out the whole process.”
People vs. Joshua M. | Watertown, NY
“My attorney was always one step ahead of the court which made the process better.  He was extremely professional and prepared.  Through his highly trained skills he was able to obtain the best outcome possible.”
People vs. Gary F. | Rochester, NY
“My attorney was very easy to reach. Anytime I had a question or concern, I could call or text him and receive a prompt and thorough answer.  I felt like there was no information withheld and I was always kept up to date. I was included 100%.”
People vs. Jonathon W. | Rochester, NY
“The entire process took over a year.  Some major things didn't go according to plan.  The judge and DA's office certainly weren't doing us any favors.  There were bad calls at hearings and they made things very difficult for us to introduce a critical piece of evidence (a video) at trial.  My attorney handled each situation, got the video in play, and in the end I was acquitted of all charges.  I would without hesitation recommend Anelli Xavier to anyone accused of DWI.  Everyone at the firm did an excellent job and I really appreciate it.”
People vs. Aaron C. | Syracuse, NY
“I was extremely impressed with Anelli Xavier and how quickly I was matched with representation. Everything was clearly communicated to me throughout the process and in the end I was satisfied with my result given the situation.”
People vs. Andrew C. | Albany, NY
People vs. Annemarie | Syracuse, NY
"My attorney made himself available to me no matter what time of day or night. Any time I had a question he would get back to me in a very timely fashion.  My legal team kept me constantly informed of upcoming court dates and proceedings."
People vs. Harold O. | Buffalo, NY
"Outstanding. I could reach my legal team at any time."
People vs. Lauren V. | Mount Tremper, NY
"My attorney and his legal team were always there when I needed to ask a question, or talk about what the process was going forward.  I was always updated with what the next steps would be and different routes we could take to hopefully make this as painless as possible."
People vs. Mark C. | Albany, NY
"My attorney extended superb customer service and availability. He proceeded through my case like a tactician and reassured me every step of the way. I was very happy with the outcome of my case."
People vs. Joseph R. | New York, NY
"My attorney was very professional and very nice through out the whole thing. I was terrified and nervous throughout the whole experience and he did an amazing job at keeping me calm and explaining what exactly was going to happen. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my case and I will definitely be recommending Anelli Xavier to anyone who makes this mistake."
People vs. Megan A. | West Winfield, NY
"My legal team constantly communicated with me, asked me so many detailed questions so they knew every inch of my case. From the time I called just to ask about my case, I heard from them several times a day, through phone calls and emails.  I always felt like I was never alone and they were so friendly and personable, I was extremely comfortable.  I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat!!!! They did the best job and saved my life!!! I loved my lawyer!!! Adam was the best!!!! Worth every penny!!!!"
People vs. Sarah H. | Schenectady, NY
"I was continuously explained what, in the teams' opinion, seemed to be my best option with any decision-making; the pros and cons of all my potential options were discussed thoroughly.  My legal team was exceptionally informative and really assisted me in all aspects of my case. I truly felt as if I was part of the team and that I was able to make informed decisions for every hurdle.  I will always recommend Anelli Xavier's services to anyone that may find themselves in a similar and unfortunate event such as mine.  I couldn't have asked for better representation."
People vs. Travis W. | Cobleskill, NY
“The team was super awesome to deal with and could communicate easily. Any questions I had were answered very thoroughly and quick, seemed like they had everything settled by the time I got there. I have told many people about Anelli Xavier and I will stand by their services for anything. They could not have done anything better I am so pleased with my outcome and would choose them again over any others."
People vs. Eric R. | Rochester, NY
“The paralegal assigned to my case was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions in a timely manner, as well as communication with my attorney.  The client service representative was very reassuring from the start in communicating with both me and my parents, who initially called. I felt that every team member I had contact with was expertly knowledgeable in the legal process of DWI's and I felt to be in very good hands regarding my representation.”
People vs. Tara S. | Manlius NY
"The team was very easy to contact and always returned calls or e-mails in a timely manner. My attorney’s team kept me aware of the status of my case even with the delays in getting the written agreement from the DA's office. His team was always ready even when the DA wasn’t.  I was advised of what steps I needed to take in a timely manner in order to help get the best possible outcome. A friend recommended Anelli Xavier to me and I am glad they did, and would do so myself."
People vs. James H. | Liverpool, NY
“Both of my attorneys were easy to get ahold of when I had any questions and took the time to answer all my questions. My attorneys thoroughly explained what was going to happen during court.”
People vs. Stephen W. | Syracuse, NY
“I was very pleased as they were quick, they had my best interest in heart and the cost was responsible for the great service I received. They paved the way for a new beginning they will change my life. My attorneys kept me up to date with my case and accomplished the goal they was set forth. I will recommend them to anybody who needs serious DWI defense.”
People vs. Josh A.
“I would choose Anelli Xavier again. Anyone else I had talked to that day encouraged me to go to court and plead guilty, pay my dues and give them their fee right away. Had I been guilty it would have been the quickest resolution. Your firm believed in my innocence and continues to help me to prove that!”
People vs. Dawn M.
“The attorney worked hard to represent Ben in the best way possible and came up with some very creative ideas other lawyers would simply not have had. Ben’s case is being settled in an extremely unusual way, but it works! We could not possibly be happier with the work of our team of attorneys. Please feel free to refer any potential client to me for a reference. We are so grateful for all you have done!!!!!”
People vs. Ben J.
“I want to thank you for all your help and support in this unfortunate time in my life. Your guidance was very helpful and I have learned a lot. Thank you!”
People vs James G.
“Thank you for helping me through a very tough time in my life. Your team helped me with all my questions and kept fighting for me throughout my case.”
People vs. Bruce B. | Oneida, NY
“I was very satisfied with the outcome.”
People vs. William H. | Oswego, NY
“My attorney, Jonathan Ward, did an excellent job handling my case. I felt completely confident in him and wasn’t nervous any time I had a court appearance. I think he deserves to have an office larger than a closet space. Thanks.”
People vs. Kassandra W. | Jefferson, NY
“My attorney did a great job and I was satisfied with the outcome.”
People vs. Bill W. | Erie, NY
“Being in a position like this was embarrassing to say the least. Not knowing what questions to ask or how to proceed, I was scared.  But I felt that my legal team guided me through a very tough process. My attorney was there when ever I had questions and answered them to my satisfaction.”
People vs. Alecia L. | Upstate, NY
“I would like to thank you for all your help with my DWI. I know if I did not get you to represent me I would of not gotten out of this. So thanks for all your help, but I hope not to do this again.”
People vs. Daniel F. | Lewis, NY
“I feel that Kevin did an outstanding job. I feel that my team did a great job. I would like to thank all the efforts of all the people involved. I am very hopeful that things will all work out in the end. Not every project/case is the same or easily explained/solved through our current legal system. Thank you again for listening and helping me though some pretty rough times.”
People vs. Julie M. | Saratoga, NY
“I am very pleased with how everything turned out. It was my fault, Anelli Xavier did everything they could to help me.”
People vs. William F. | Lewis, NY
“…I would recommend your office because of the prestige you bring to court.”
People vs. Tami B. | Cortland, NY
“I thought Michael was great. He really knows what he’s doing. The only thing negative was that I thought the price was high for my case. Public defender could have done this for half the price. But, you do get what you pay for and this legal team was very good!”
People vs. Daniel C. | Albany, NY
“My attorney was very competent and an excellent lawyer. I was lucky to have such good representation from him, thanks!”
People vs. Matthew P. | Fulton, NY
“I was pleased. I feel that my attorney handled everything very well.”
People vs. James N. | Onondaga, NY
“Pleasant to deal with in a difficult time. My attorney was smarter then the judges! Loved that I could text my attorney. Thank you!”
People vs. Donald D. | Ft. Edward, NY
“Very helpful and knowledgable with all of my questions. The best part of having Anelli Xavier for my representation was knowing that I had the best attorney in my corner.”
People vs. Kollin H. | Gloversville, NY
“I felt comfortable and completely safe with my attorney. He took the time to explain everything to me, every step of the way. He was very thorough and professional. Thank you very much to the whole Anelli team for all of your help and guidance through this difficult time!”
People vs. Emily F. | Yorkville, NY
“My attorney took the time to learn my personality and it seemed like he cared more about the outcome and not the money he was getting for the job. Ultimately, they keep their promises and got me out of a lot of trouble!”
People vs. David B. | Scotia, NY
“Thanks for being there for me! My attorney was great, answered every email and super prompt. Thank you!”
People vs. Steve P. | Onondaga, NY
“Very friendly. I wish I called sooner. Friendly, knowledgable, and very good representation! Very professional!”
People vs. Jennifer S. | Latham, NY
“I like that they stayed in constant contact with me throughout the entire process and helped me with any question I had. I would definitely use them again!”
People vs. Craig C. | Parish, NY
“They seemed to actually care about my case when I met with them to discuss the details of the night in question – really great in responding to emails. I had Derek Wild as my attorney. I felt he was very thorough with the proceedings. When he couldn’t show, another gentleman took his place and also did an amazing job for not knowing my case as well.”
People vs. Michelle H. | Syracuse, NY
“They were very helpful through the whole process especially in the courtroom. Mike was very professional in the courtroom dealing with the DA. The representation was the best I ever had, Mike is the best.”
People vs. Paul M. | Albany, NY
“You came highly recommended and achieved the best possible outcome! Chris and Joanne were great and continue to be so. It was great to have them on my side, but in this context, I hope to never have to speak with them again! Hope to see them at an SU game though.”
People vs. Stephen K. | Utica, NY
“My team did an amazing job of answering all my questions and explaining things to me in a way I could understand. I always felt informed and prepared. Patrick Hennessy met with me before every court appearance and went over everything with me. Extremely competent team. I had constant contact with my team and anytime I had a question it immediately got answered by text, call or email. Hands down, best at handling DWIs. I heard horror stories about DWI lawyers but was very impressed by my team. Patrick Hennessy and his team are the best and I would recommend them to anybody.”
People vs. Travis S. | Onondaga, NY
“I was very satisfied with the way my case was handled and the outcome of the case. Kevin O’Brien and his team were very professional and were always available when I had a question. When corresponding via email, responses were prompt and thorough. The team and your firm did a great job of taking the bulk of the stress from this ordeal off of me.”
People vs. Andrew F. | Schenectady, NY
“My attorney was always in control. Of course, with every court appearance, I was nervous but my attorney always reassured me that I needed need to be and just smile! The firm knows what they’re doing. Always comfortable, like a family member helping out.”
People vs. A.W. | Lake George, NY
“The best part of this was getting the results I asked for before the case started. I would recommend the firm to family and friends because you get the results you want.”
People vs. J.O. | Bridgeport, NY
“They did a great job representing me. Despite the circumstances I was in, my legal that represented me did very well. It was an enjoyable experience and was well informed every step of the way. I wouldn’t have changed any part of my legal team. I would definitely recommend a family member or any one else that is in the situation I was. Your law firm is very professional and very well at what you do.”
People vs. R.B. | Albany, NY
“I got the best possible result for my case. They were extremely, professional and had things handled in a timely order. They made everything easy for me to understand. Terrific law firm. Period.”
People vs. S.P. | Ballston Spa, NY
“There is not a reason why I would not recommend Anelli Xavier. You provided reassurance and confidence!”
People vs. K.H. | Homer, NY
“I’m very satisfied with my representation. My attorney did an amazing job and I’m completely satisfied with the results. I would recommend my attorneys to anyone!”
People vs. J.V. | Gloversville, NY
“My attorneys were both very good at helping me understand what to expect and what the risks and benefits of various legal strategies might be. I honestly can’t think of anything I’d change other then not get pulled over in the first place. I felt well represented.”
People vs. M.M. | Cooperstown, NY
“All my questions were answered within an hour of sending an email. Everything was explained to me in a way I understood. I wasn’t treated like a criminal. My lawyers were awesome and down to earth. Very easy to talk to. Nothing was ever promised a far as outcomes. Everything explained was matter of fact yet comforting and professional. The payment plan was a huge huge help!!”
People vs. N.H. | Albany, NY
“My attorney saved me a lot of time and stress by keeping my court appearances to a minimum and getting me a deal that was unbelievably great! I liked how he really got me the deal he did, because with my past record, there is not a judge in the world that would give me that kind of judgement. I know it’s not just because they got tired of listening to him. I would do a commercial letting everyone know about the great job my attorney did!”
People vs. S.T. | Ballston Lake, NY
“My attorney was very friendly, non-judgmental. And friendly, easy to work with. My attorney was very good.”
People vs. G.G Baldwinsville, NY
“Professional and know what they’re doing. Really satisfied with everything. I have no plans on needing your help again, but you’d be my first choice!”
People vs. T.N. | Ravena, NY
“I got a much better result than I thought I was going to get. This firm got me through what I needed to get through and they will do the same for whoever else needs help. I had a great experience at Anelli Xavier and couldn’t have asked for better representation.”
People vs. M.R. | Syracuse, NY
“I recommend your firm because you are the BEST! I would highly recommend.”
People vs. M.F. | Albany, NY
“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you performed with my case. I called you and explained my case to you and told you what I expected and you rose to the occasion. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend anyone in need of services to call you. You have been wonderful with keeping me informed throughout, but most of all explaining the charges and detailed consequences. Even in my most vulnerable moments you kept me on track with hope but with reality. Again, thank you for all you help, it was well worth my expense to have you serve as my lawyer.”
People vs. L.C. | Albany, NY
“My attorney’s knowledge, professionalism and advice towards my case was in my best interest. Very prompt service and very informative on all questions needed to be answered, without any waiting, or playing phone tag. I have no reasons not recommend your firm. My attorney was helpful in every way and made me feel extremely comfortable in a bad situation that I had brought on myself. I have never had to go to court before, and my attorney made it as easy as it could be for me. I would recommend your firm, and especially my attorney to represent any of my friends or family. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”
People vs. W.C. | Schenectady, NY
“My attorney was very nice and great to work with. He keep in contact with me and not only cared about me, but also my family. I would recommend him to anyone. He is a great person and a lawyer. It was a difficult time for my family and I and my attorney helped us get through this tough time.”
People vs. W.R. | Albany, NY
“My attorney was very nice and great to work with. He keep in contact with me and not only cared about me, but also my family. I would recommend him to anyone. He is a great person and a lawyer. It was a difficult time for my family and I and my attorney helped us get through this tough time.”
People vs. W.R. | Coxsackie, NY
“Terrifically organized and precise. Highly qualified for the case with specific strategy. They were there 100% for me. The case at hand was handled greatly with great results. No reason not to recommend.”
People vs. E.F. | Hudson, NY
“I would recommend Anelli Xavier because of all of the knowledge the lawyers have about all the DWI laws and formalities. It was great knowing they were always available to answer any questions.”
People vs. C.M. | Rochester, NY
“We were able to get the results required so that I can move on and rebuild my life. I would have like a quicker resolution, but results are more important. As lawyers that specialize in DWI law, they are more knowledgeable in that type of litigation.”
People vs. T.K. | Buffalo, NY
“Outstanding in this area! Very strong knowledge of the system. As a retired Police Lieutenant, and one who has both supervised and made DWI arrests, it was a pleasure dealing with our attorney. He was clear and concise. After 38 years in the law enforcement business, I know from experience, the level of competence was near the top! Keep up the great work! The DWI machine in New York State is gobbling up many who pay the awful price of conviction due to incompetent representation!”
People vs. P.B. | Delhi, NY
“My attorney was more than helpful in getting me the best possible outcome to my case. From observations made of other attorneys while in court, I feel that I was more informed and by far better prepared.”
People vs. J.S. | Liverpool, NY
“I have personally seen the difference in outcomes between having Anelli Xavier on my side versus a court appointed attorney. Theres no reason not to recommend your firm!”
People vs. J.B. | Lacona, NY
“I liked your ability to discuss negotiations with the district attorney.”
People vs. S.P. | Fulton, NY
“My attorney was was extremely professional, respectful, and helpful throughout the entire process of my case. He worked very hard on my case to achieve the absolute best and fairest result possible. Furthermore, he was always available to talk whenever I had questions or needed advice, or needed to update him on issues regarding my case. I appreciated end result, and the fact that we were able to get the charge reduced to a violation.”
People vs. M.J. | Ovid, NY
“My attorney was great! The team at the office was a great help by calling about anything with the case or just reminding me about dates or paper work that need to be filled out. Thank you all….”
People vs. S.O. | New York, NY
“Despite my difficult circumstances, my team studied my case, and drafted a concise strategy to win the outcome that I was hoping for. The team kept me informed, walked me through the necessary steps to comply with the legal process, and clearly explained what my responsibilities are after my trial. I would have no problem recommending Anelli Xavier to a family member or friend. Albany County is a tough venue for DWI defendants, but the Anelli Xavier team realistically approached the challenge, and didn’t oversell the possible outcome. I am very happy with what I believe was a fair outcome given my actions.”
People vs. M.D. | Albany, NY
“It was clearly apparent in the first few minutes after speaking with my attorney, that he was viewing my situation from every aspect in order to safeguard my best interest. I would encourage a family member to use Anelli Xavier. I was very pleased with my representation and thank you for help!”
People vs. C.H. | Oceanside, NY
“They are an amazing legal team!”
People vs. C.F. | Syracuse, NY
“The communication I received was far better than I had ever expected. In the past, I had found attorneys very difficult to get a hold of, or get answers from. I believe that I received the best possible representation possible, when dealing with the court I was in. I saw many other attorneys get shot down for similar requests, which my attorney did not.
People vs. T.B. | Richford, NY
“The legal team was always completely prepared for the hearings. They also prepared me for the hearings. I really felt as though they really cared about the outcome and about me. Although this was one of the most horrible things I’ve had to go through, I always felt confident that the team would get the best possible outcome. I just want to thank Anelli Xavier for helping me get through this tough time and for representing me. Also, it helped very much to be able to make payments for your services. I would not have been able to get as good of representation had you not offered this to us. It is greatly appreciated.”
People vs. D.S. | Afton, NY
“It was a pleasure meeting and having my attorney help me. She made me feel very comfortable, and she was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and explained the facts to me which made it easy to understand.”
People vs. L.W. | Rome, NY
“The best part about the representation that Anelli Xavier provided for me was that I was able to get my DWI lowered to an DWAI, which will reveal to be extremely beneficial towards my future.”
People vs. C.D. | Morrisville, NY
“My attorney is very knowledgeable. Staff is very friendly and responds quickly to questions. I had a very good representation.”
People vs. U.K. | Auburn, NY
“I am happy to say that they helped me out.”
People vs. C.C. | Gloversville, NY
“I appreciated how someone always got back to me promptly with any questions I had. Thank you!”
People vs. D.W | North Syracuse, NY
"I am new to New York State and am not aware of the exact laws. They were broken down to me as well as the offenses so that I was able to understand them and get the information that I needed. It’s a great company that will help you get what you need, at a decent price and quick.”
People vs. S.H. | Evans Mills, NY
“Very satisfied! That I was very satisfied with my representation, especially the attorney that I had.
People vs. R.M. | Oneida, NY
“I saw, or rather heard behind closed doors, the weight that the firm pulls. Thank you. I have nothing more to add. My service was simple and clearcut.”
People vs. S.S. | Sharon Springs, NY
“I couldn’t ask for anything more from a team as well as my attorney. The best part about the representation was how quickly they were able to get everything done as well as answer all of my questions.”
People vs. K.V. | Cobleskill, NY
“I would recommend because of the comfort of having a great attorney on my side.”
People vs. M.A. | Fulton, NY
“I felt that I could not have achieved a better result with anyone else. Anelli Xavier was very easy to contact, and very easy to work with in all aspects. This includes not only the case itself but with other issues such as billing and scheduling appointments.”
People vs. V.N. | Ithaca, NY
“I felt well prepared. I also appreciated the letters and phone calls from the office to remind me of court dates. My attorney was always able to answer questions we had and made sure to answer even the most trivial.”
People vs. J.G. | Syracuse, NY
“I’m very happy to get the best results that I could have in my case. Also that it was taken care of in a timely manner.”
People vs. S.V. | Syracuse, NY
“My attorney was very thorough and attentive and seemed truly concerned with my best interest. I feel everything was handled very professionally, such as my attorney making himself readily available to answer any questions or concerns I had, and I found the option to form a payment plan convenient and helpful”
People vs. C.L. | Athens, NY
“Every time I went to court, I was prepared. I feel that they had all the answers when I had any questions.”
People vs. K.W. | Baldwinsville, NY
“The entire legal team was timely, non-judgmental, specific with direction, clear on giving information, and looked into all possible defense on my behalf.”
People vs. J.C. | Schenectady, NY
“They are very knowledgeable when it comes to DUI. And it is important to have a team of knowledgeable people to help you in a time of crisis.”
People vs. J.C. | Pahrump, NV
“My attorneys made me feel very comfortable when I was a nervous wreck. They kept me very informed. I could not have asked for any better representation. There is no reason why I would not recommend Anelli Xavier to anyone!!”
People vs. T.B. | Oriskany Falls, NY
“I felt confident I had good representation. Reliable and very professional firm. I have nothing but positive comments even though my conviction was painful. I MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE THAT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN!”
People vs. M.B. | Schenectady, NY
“I did not give them much to work with and they got me a good deal. All I could ask for!”
People vs. K.J. | LaFayette, NY
“Desired outcome achieved, thank you very much, lesson learned no more alcohol.”
People vs. L.O. | Syracuse, NY

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Title: My attorney was very competent and an excellent lawyer.

My attorney was very competent and an excellent lawyer. I was lucky to have such good representation from him, thanks!

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