New York State DWI Lawyer

New York State DWI Lawyer

New York is very strict about DWI charges. If you have been charged with a DWI in New York, contact Anelli Xavier today for a free case analysis today: 1-877-418-0075, or simply fill out the form below:

A Critical Decision

There are many reasons why obtaining the services of a seasoned DWI defense team immediately after your DWI arrest. First, while the vast majority of DWI charges in New York are misdemeanors (meaning they are a criminal charge that has a maximum punishment of no more than a year in jail) or traffic infractions (limited jail time possible), these offenses are among the most politically charged in the New York Penal Law. Just the initials “DWI” stir the emotions of many people as much or more than murder and rape. Unlike in many other traffic or criminal offenses, citizens charged with a New York DWI often feel like the courts, prosecutors, and juries consider them guilty until proven innocent. The organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) has led to the formation of a number of other groups with similar public awareness or political influence agendas relating directly to drinking and driving (S.A.D.D., R.A.D.D.).

DWI is also one of the most frequently litigated criminal offenses in the New York court system. Unlike most misdemeanors, due to political pressure, you may face possible jail sentences if you are convicted. Furthermore, a jail sentence may be in addition to substantial fines, lengthy periods of required community service, months or years reporting to a probation officer, loss or restriction of your driver’s license, and numerous other intrusions which may invade your privacy and your wallet. If your driver’s license is revoked, you will not be able to again drive until the State of New York (or another state) once more grants you this privilege. People with a New York DWI conviction on their record may have trouble obtaining a professional license (doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants, financial “Series” licenses, etc.) or a security clearance which may prevent current or future employment. An alcohol related conviction could even potentially prevent you from traveling to other countries such as Canada.

A NY DWI stop and arrest has many important factors which are regularly appealed through the higher New York courts. The courts interpret what the words of each statute mean and the words in these opinions are sometimes debated. To stay knowledgeable with all of these changes and to give you the best chance at the best outcome for your particular case, you need an experienced New York DWI defense attorney and legal team who works within this area of law every day.

There are also New York DWI charges that rise to the level of being felonies (crimes with possible punishments of more than a year incarceration and significant fines). If you are now facing a new DWI charge after a prior conviction for a DWI within the past ten years, you may be confronting this harsh reality. Conviction of any felony may cause you to permanently lose your right to vote, to own a handgun, and to serve on a jury. Most importantly, a felony conviction could result in a prison sentence of up to several years.

Many prosecutors feel it is their duty to get drivers suspected of committing New York DWI offenses off of the streets even before guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In New York, the prosecutor generally cannot make a deal and drop all of the DWI charges against you, but a seasoned DWI defense attorney can secure the most advantageous outcome based on years of experience with situations just like yours.

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